Today, history has been made as the UK's first-ever Caribbean-owned digital bank has launched in the UK. The Jamaican National Group (JN Group) has been operating in the Caribbean for over 145 years. In December 2019, the JN Group acquired its full banking license to operate in the UK by regulators, the first Caribbean bank to have this achievement.

There is a strong digital focus for the bank, offering a range of products such as savings accounts and personal loans. Although the bank is primarily online, they have their first branch which is located in the heart of Brixton. This branch is a place for consumers to be able to learn more about the products and services offered by the bank and be able to access their accounts. With a strong community drive, the branch opens up after hours for community groups to be able to host activities and workshops amongst each other. The bank also has a passion for financial literacy and hosts its own seminars to allow members of the community to come along and learn for free.

Going forward, the JN Bank also intends to offer bursaries and scholarships for members of the community looking to embark of further education. This aligns with their beliefs of being able to give back and help its community members.

Learn more about JN Bank UK here.

When it comes to money management, learning how to budget your money effectively can kickstart your finances to another level. There are more hands-on budgeting methods such as manually budgeting using pen and paper or inputting all of your finances into a spreadsheet (use our free one here). However, if you prefer to take a bit more of a laid-back approach, these apps have got you covered. Below are three budgeting apps that are great at helping you take control of your spending.


Emma is a budget app that allows you to avoid overdrafts, find wasteful subscriptions and take over control of your finances.


• Track and cancel subscriptions within the app

• View and manage recurring payments from your current accounts

• Connect all of your accounts including bank, savings, pensions and cryptocurrency. View all of your balances and transactions from these accounts all in one place.

• Create budgets and categorise your spending to allow you to manage your money in line with payday.

Emma has also introduced a 'Rewards' section in-app. You are able to get cashback on your purchase such as Kwikfit, Belkin and Treatwell. Once confirmed and processed, the cashback balance gets added to your Emma wallet where you are able to withdraw it for some extra cash.

There is a section in the app that also helps you to find the best deals such as on your bills, insurance and credit cards. You also have the ability to begin investing using the app.

Emma is available for free on iPhone and Android, sign up here.


Yolt is a budgeting app that aims to give its users the power to be smarter with their money. It enables you to be able to spend smart, stay on track, and reach your goals with the use of the app.


• View your current accounts, savings, credit cards and investment accounts all within the app

• Track your spending and set yourself budgets to stay on track

• Set savings goals within the app and view how close you are to reaching your goal

• Move money from one of your accounts to another

• Transfer money from one of your accounts to someone else's account using the app

• Keep track of your bill so you're never late on payments

• Start earning cashback using Yolt Rewards at places such as Nike, John Lewis and Footasylum

The app also allows you to access additional services such as:

• Open high-interest savings account through Raisin

• Find the best energy deal through MoneySuperMarket

• Begin investing through Wealthify

• Purchase phone insurance through SimpleInsurance

and lots more.

Download Yolt free on iPhone and Android here.


Moneyhub is a budgeting app that allows you to see all of your finances in one place and use in-app tools to achieve your goals.


• See all of your accounts, credit cards, savings and borrowing all in the app

• Generate an analysis of your spending to see exactly where your money is going each month

• Set spending goals and keep track of your progress

• Receive notification nudges to your phone to alert you to upcoming bill payments so you never miss another bill

• Get tips on saving and discover better deals on your current credit cards and loans

Moneyhub has a section called Projects which you can use to create future money goals for yourself. Projects allow you to monitor your spending across all of your connected accounts and organise them into different categories. It will also detail how close you are to achieving your designated goal. You are able to create more than one project allowing you to plan for multiple things eg. holiday, first house, wedding etc.

Download Moneyhub free for iPhone and Android here.

Budgeting is a great way to know exactly where your money is going and areas where you may need to pull back on the spending. Whatever your financial goals, budgeting allows you to make the necessary plans to be able to reach them.

Happy budgeting!

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Updated: Aug 18

You may have seen a number of different places claiming that you have the chance to win a house by buying a raffle ticket for as little as £2. The question that gets asked often is, 'is this legit?' The answer is yes, it is. There are a number of places that offer these types of house raffles such as Raffle House and Tramway Path in the UK.

Although it may seem like they're not making half as money as they could be for the properties, they really are. For the property you'll see below, each raffle ticket costs £10. The aim of the provider is to sell a minimum of 60,000 tickets (which they are confident that they will). This will generate £600,000 covering the property price and any additional fees associated with it.

These properties are usually stamp-duty and fee-free once you win but make sure to double-check that this is the case before purchasing a ticket.


  1. Select the number of tickets that you want, ticket prices can vary between £2 - £10.

  2. Answer a question or quiz - this section varies and depends on the site. Some places won't charge you for a ticket(s) unless you get the quiz/question correct.

  3. You'll be entered into the giveaway! Some sites also hold weekly giveaways which could be an additional cash prize that you have the ability to win.

You have the chance to win some incredible properties, much like the one currently part of the Raffle House raffle below:

If you are interested in taking part, be sure to check out Raffle House and Tramway Path to find out more information. People have won their dream homes through these raffles, are you next?

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