48. Is Crypto Investing For Me? ft Dalonie

Following on from last week's episode talking about the basics of cryptocurrency, this week we're joined by Dalonie talking about what you should be looking to start with if you're interested in crypto.

Episode Transcription:

0:00 Hey guys, and welcome back to the Pennies To Pounds podcast with your host Kia. And this is the podcast we're going to dispel your myths, simplify difficult financial jargon and rectify your own personal problems. I hope everyone's okay, Happy Monday. I'm here again, this is a topic that everyone is talking about naturally, there's so many different things we can talk about with regards to it. But before I get onto the topic, I have a special guest here with me special guest, who are you, introduce yourself. I am Dalonie. Dalonie Graham, nice to meet you. Good evening, everybody. So I am a marketing strategist, a crypto enthusiast sneakerhead. I have everything ready. But I'm here today to chat about crypto.

0:36 Amazing. Thank you so much. So you've given away you let the cat out of the bag here. We're going to talk about crypto all today. So I'm looking forward to this conversation. So I want to talk a bit more about you and your journey. So how did you actually get into cryptocurrency investing? Because I think people listening? I think cryptocurrencies probably, you know, you heard Bitcoin for the last couple of years. But I guess it's come to fruition I say a lot more in the last year or so. So how did you get into it? Yeah, super interesting, actually, because I think it's just because we were locked in the house. Now what we're looking at social media, we're all focused on the same topic. So the rise of it has been pretty interesting. But how I got about into it, funnily enough, via my little brother, so shout out to him for that. I actually was I heard about it. Many, many years ago, I had friends telling me ah Bitcoin is the future, Bitcoin this and that and at the time, obviously, didn't pay much attention, as many people did, and

1:26 then started to research a little bit more understood what it was, but then never really got too much into little brother got back to me on it again. Then I listened a little bit more started researching while I was like, wow, okay, this is really interesting. It's not just Bitcoin, there are other types of innovations within the space that is basically looking into the future, in a way. And that's always been the kind of thing that I obsess over. I'm always looking to tomorrow to see what it could look like.

1:49 Yeah, I think that's that's absolutely right. I mean, I'm just saying the way things are evolving and things are becoming a lot more technology-based compared to like our parent's generations, I think it's really important to kind of stay on-trend and know what's happening, what's coming up next. So I really agree with you in that. So how did you build up your knowledge and you said, Your crypto enthusiast, and there'