Automate Your Savings - Apps To Make Saving Easy In 2021

As we enter into the new year, it's the best time to get your finances in check and up your money management. Looking to save for a new car, house or holiday in the new year? Or are you looking to rebuild your emergency fund? Whatever your goals are for saving, here are a few apps that can help to take away the stress of manually transferring by automating it for you.


Plum is an app that helps you to gamify your savings. Using the power of AI technology, Plum monitors your income and outgoings to set aside amounts that are tailored to you. You can create pockets and goals within the app to help you to stay focused on your saving. Plum also analyses your spending to assess your regular bills and highlight areas where the app may be able to help you make additional savings. The app will notify you if there is a better deal that you can take advantage of and will allow you to switch in minutes.