The Best 0% Interest Credit Cards

Credit cards are great for being able to pay off expensive purchases over a period of time. Normal credit cards will charge you interest on any balances that are carried over. 0% interest credit cards however allow you to spread the costs of your purchases without paying a penny of interest for a fixed term.

Here are some of the best 0% interest credit cards for you to check out:

To apply for the TSB Platinum Purchase Card, click here.

To apply for the Virgin Money 18 Month All Round Credit Card, click here.

To apply for the Barclays Platinum Purchase & Balance Transfer Visa Credit Card, click here.

To apply for the MBNA 0% Transfers and Purchases Card, click here.

There are plenty more 0% interest credit cards, these are just four of the cards with the longest interest-free terms. Please note, the terms mentioned are all subject to eligibility so you may receive a term shorter than the one stated.

(Last updated: May 2020)