Alternatives To Yolt: Budgeting Apps You Can Use Now Yolt Is Going

Yolt is a budgeting app that helps you to stay motivated and reach your financial goals. The app works using open banking which allows you to connect all of your accounts and view them in one place. You're also able to build your savings using the jar boosters feature as well as create budgets in-app to help you to stay on top of your finances. You're also able to compare your bill prices such as broadband and switch to find a better deal.

On the 8th of September however, Yolt announced that they're closing down their customer-facing app to focus solely on open banking as a B2B product. This is sad news leaving many, especially Yolt customers, at a loss of where they can find a similar platform.

Here is a list of three apps that are great budgeting alternatives to Yolt:


Emma is an app that helps you to manage your finances, all in one place. Emma helps you to avoid overdraft fees, find and cancel any subscriptions you don't need and, most importantly, take control of your finances.