Alternatives To Yolt: Budgeting Apps You Can Use Now Yolt Is Going

Yolt is a budgeting app that helps you to stay motivated and reach your financial goals. The app works using open banking which allows you to connect all of your accounts and view them in one place. You're also able to build your savings using the jar boosters feature as well as create budgets in-app to help you to stay on top of your finances. You're also able to compare your bill prices such as broadband and switch to find a better deal.

On the 8th of September however, Yolt announced that they're closing down their customer-facing app to focus solely on open banking as a B2B product. This is sad news leaving many, especially Yolt customers, at a loss of where they can find a similar platform.

Here is a list of three apps that are great budgeting alternatives to Yolt:


Emma is an app that helps you to manage your finances, all in one place. Emma helps you to avoid overdraft fees, find and cancel any subscriptions you don't need and, most importantly, take control of your finances.

Some features of Emma are:

• Track wasteful subscriptions - Link your bank account to the app and Emma will be able to give you a list of your recurring, active subscriptions. You're able to view the full history of each subscription and see any price changes to identify where you might need to reign in your spending.

• All accounts in one place - The great thing about Emma is the ability to view all of your accounts in one central hub. You can connect current and savings accounts, credit cards, investments, pensions and even cryptocurrencies to this app. You're able to view all of your transactions in one place as well as manually add any transactions that have been missed or are not yet supported by Emma. They support most UK, US and Canadian banks such as American Express, Chip and Starling Bank.

View the full list of supported banks here.

• Smart budgets - Create smart budgets within the app to help you to keep track of your spending. Enter in your pay period and set up your budgets to watch Emma do the rest for you. Emma will analyse transactions across all of your accounts and assign them to the relevant categories. You can also dive deeper into your finances and see all of your transactions with specific merchants to be able to assess potential areas for improvement.

Emma also has subscription models - Emma Plus and Emma Pro.

Emma Plus - This model contains all of the features mentioned above as well as cashback, bill reminders, investments and savings, ISAs, true balance and more. This model is £4.99 a month.

Emma Pro - This model contains all of the above features including Emma Plus features as well as accurate net worth, savings goals, custom categories, offline accounts, smart rules, exporting data and more. This model is £9.99 a month.

You're able to view their transparent roadmap for the app here.

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Money Dashboard

Money Dashboard is an award-winning budgeting app that allows you to see all of your accounts in one place and know exactly how much you have leftover until payday.

You can connect all of your accounts to it to see everything in one place. Some accounts supported include Amazon, Pension Bee and TUI.

See the full list of supported accounts here.

Some features of Money Dashboard are:

• Account balance after bills - You're able to forecast your balance in the future by visually seeing all of the bills you have upcoming. You can also see pending payments that are due to come out of your account so you're able to plan ahead with your spending.

• Spending tracker - Any transactions you make are automatically assigned to helpful and relevant categories so you're able to see exactly how much you're spending in all areas of life. Because of this, you'll no longer have any 'surprise' transactions and will be able to have more control over your finances.

• Budgets - Money Dashboard will be able to recommend an ideal spending target based on your current spending levels to keep you on track. You don't have to manually input your budget, the app will do it for you using open banking. Just connect up your bank accounts and let the app work its magic for you.

Money Dashboard is working on adding new features to the app such as net worth tracker, investments, payments, savings goals and more.

View the Money Dashboard transparent roadmap here.

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Snoop is the newest of the apps mentioned in this article and is the self-proclaimed Robin Hood of your finances.

Just like the other two platforms, you can connect all of your bank accounts to the app to see everything in one place. Some accounts supported include Sainsbury's Bank, Argos and Aqua credit cards.

See the full list of supported accounts here.

Some features of Snoop are:

• Bill watching - Snoop will analyse your bills to keep a watchful eye over how much you're spending so you're never spending more than you need to. Whether it's through the app or via their website, you can use their comparison site to find the best mortgage, energy, broadband deals and more.

• Save where you spend - Snoop will watch your spending and find ways for you to save money when spending with some of your favourite retailers. Whether it's taking advantage of loyalty cards or making use of discounts, Snoop has your back.

• Money saving ideas - Looking to find the best way to save? Snoop will give you a set of money-saving ideas, completely unique to you. On the feed within the app, you'll be presented with a range of money-saving hints and tips to help you to save some coins.

Snoop is always adding new features to the app. Some of their latest features are daily balance alerts, energy switching, annual insurance checker and mobile monitor.

View the Snoop transparent roadmap here.

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